We have created JOYTO to commemorate the joy and happiness of the moment when we first became parents.

When parents smile from the bottom of their hearts, it is the happiest moment for their baby. There are 100 different ways to raise children from 100 different parents. In order for everyone to enjoy the moments of parenting and always keep smiling, JOYTO specifically designs our products, hoping to be close to the hearts of users, so that the more you use the products, the easier it will be. So you can enjoy the parenting time in your own way according to your ideas. Joy to be a new mum or new dad, JOYTO will always be a good partner to assist you.

Inspired by nature

The high standard of product quality is JOYTO’s consistent pursuit. JOYTO’s baby products are all carefully selected from nature’s resources, such as pure cotton, bamboo or organic bamboo fibres, and have passed FSC environmental protection certification. At the same time, they have obtained the internationally recognised quality certification CE / EU, LFGB, SGS certification, and provide better care for your children. From infant to toddler, curious babies explore the world, JOYTO will always be here for you.

Pass on love to nature

Bamboo material and bamboo fibre are widely used in JOYTO baby tableware series. The raw material is made of bamboo, which will not produce volatile chemical substances. It is environmentally friendly and practical, ensuring 360° protection for your little one.

Bamboo fibre is a green and environmentally friendly material extracted from raw bamboo. It has the natural anti-mite, anti-odour, anti-insect and negative ion properties of bamboo. The most significant function of bamboo fibre textiles is to have antibacterial and bactericidal effects.

Concern for the sustainable development of natural resources

Bamboo fibre is a kind of degradable fibre, and it can be completely decomposed in the soil without causing damage to the surrounding environment. It is a natural and environmentally friendly green fibre in the true sense. Under normal circumstances, the production and processing of chemical fibre products will bring certain pollution to the environment, and are restricted by the non-renewable resources, and bamboo resources are renewable. The development of bamboo fibre textile production has a large amount of bamboo resources available for use.


The sustainable development of the earth is our common responsibility, JOYTO is supporting the construction of an environmentally friendly baby and child products industry with practical actions.